Magic in Germany

„In 2016 a FAN PAINTING PROJECT for The Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry was born by his Abricabastards Fanclub specially by Dagmar. They wanted me to do that big size painting (big is not always good). The idea was to let some fans sign that painting live before every show as a reminder for Dan (for all fans the painting would be totally to small).

This Project started with a lot of problems at the painting process, so i was happy when the Strange Magic Tour started in April 2018.
BUT ... A lot of problems had to come - like not getting the big painting into the Tour Bus in Dresden or bloody hands at the broken glass game before the show in Hamburg.

... By the way Dan had no glue what was planned and it was a completely suprise.
People from all 19 German Tour City’s signed on that beast and for me as the creator of the painting, it was amazing to see how people react on this project and i'm happy that the painting is now save in Las Vegas.

Thx again to all people at the shows and special thanks to Dagmar, Rainer Hackl, the Team and Dan himself.„